Thursday, December 16, 2010

Props to Single Moms (and Dads) Everywhere

I have alot of respect for single moms. Being a mom is a hard job. I couldn't imagaine doing it with out the support of my husband. If I run errands during the day, while Eric is at work, it wears me out. You have to make sure the diaper is clean, put on coats and hats, make sure the diaper bag is packed with everything you could need for any possible situation that might arise. Then you have to load the car up with all these things. First cram a squirming baby into the carseat, then load all the crap (i.e. diaper bag, stroller, toys, etc.). I do all this before I put on my shoes. Cause have you ever tried to put on shoes while holding a baby, doesn't work out so well. Every thing is loaded in the car, I have run back inside and got my shoes on, so finally we are ready to drive to the store (or where ever we may be going that day).
We get to the store, then the unloading proccess begins. Get the stroller out of the trunk, get the baby out of the carseat and into the stroller, smush the diaper bag into the small basket on the bottom of the stroller. Are ya still with me? Good, because we are ready to venture into the store. Inside everyone and their mother wants to talk to you. Which is fine but sometimes people say the caziest things, and I know from personal experience, 9 times out of 10, its the cazies that want to talk. Most people just smile and say "oh what a cute baby," Not the cazies, they want conversation. Like the other day I had a woman come up to me in kmart and say "your baby is actually really beautiful, this is the first time in awhile I have seen a truely pretty baby." What? What kind of a thing is that to say. Like how could these other parents have the edacity to parade their ugly babies around kmart. Here is what I do in this type of situation; Smile, nod, and pick up the pace to get Brayden the H away from the crazies.
Anyway, so we manage accomplish what ever task we set out to achieve. Fingers crossed, without a melt down in the store, by either me or Brayden. Come on Moms don't pretend like it is only our kids who have the ability to melt down in public!
Now it is time to reload the car with the same crap, plus any new crap we may have picked up during the outing. By now I am sure you are catching on to the drill. Get the baby back in the carseat, get the stroller folded and back in the trunk, yayda yayd. Drive home and unload, you guessed it, all the same crap. First take baby inside and get him settled, then back out to the car for at least on more trip, depending on how much new crap you have accumulated.
I gotta tell you I am exsausted and ready for a nap just writing about taking an outing so you can imagine how it can wear a person out. The point of this little rambling is when Eric is with us, all of a sudden it becomes 10 times easier. So for moms and dads (gotta give love to the single dads too!) who always have to do everything by themselves I give you props. You don't have an easy job. There are some days that I am staring at the clock waiting for Eric to get home so I can take a much needed break. Or on the weekends when I get a little extra sleep.
I am greatful for my husband. I might give him a hard time occasionally but he is wonderful (90% of the time). He has been my best friend and support system since I was 17. I know, I know, but honestly if it wasn't for him I don't know where I would be right now. Probably passed out drunk in a ditch. But like they say life is a two way street, so if it wasn't for me he would probably also be passed out drunk in a ditch. Hey maybe even the same ditch as me...I guess when it's meant to be it's meant to be.