Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frumpy Mom syndrome

Have you ever seen those moms out and about that look frumpy? I used to think really, really you can't brush your hair and throw on some jeans, but I now realise the answer is screw you! Frumpy mom syndrome defiantly gets worse with each new child. I can still pull it together most days because I only have Brayden. I will admit that my grooming routine now is nothing compared to my BB(before Brayden) routine. The other day I was shopping in target and saw my reflection and thought I can't believe I am out in public right now! I would NOT have gone out like that BB. But like I said I think it gets worse with each child you have. I believe the equation is something like this: 1 kid= occasional frumpieness, 2 kids= sweat pants, 3 kids=messy hair, 4 kids=stained shirt and 5+ kids= crazy lady! Sorry Mom, but 5 kids is crazy!
I will say though, that I don't remember my Mom being frumpy when we were growing up. That's the good news, your kids don't care. Not until around Jr. high when you become super embarrassing, but lets be honest they are total brats by then so who cares. But right now, even as the frumpiest mom on the playground your kids think you are the most beautiful girl there, because your mom. They don't care how you look, just as long as you are doing all your mom duties. Which by the way is what causes the frumpiness in the first place, all the mom duties.  That's the good news. The bad news however is that everybody else doesn't know whether to give you their spare change or pretend they don't notice you have on the same shirt as you did yesterday.
Avoiding frumpy mom syndrome is hard work, and I think for some moms, quit frankly, it's just not worth the effort. But it's worth the effort to me. I am nervous for whenever baby number 2 decides to come along (see above equation if you don't remember why). I do know there is hope! Because the good, if not slightly annoying, thing is I see a lot of hot mommas strutting there stuff while pushing a double stroller threw the mall. If your are a hot mom who is reading this, good for you! If you are a frumpy mom who is reading this, remember the only thing that really matters is that you are a GOOD mom! And finally if you are not a mom and reading this, if you see a frumpy mom out and about don't judge her, she is working hard!
This post has been brought to you by Sara Fagley: fighting frumpy Mom Syndrome since 2010.